Habitat Hero

150 Habitat Heroes and Growing – Please Join Us to Be One Too!

Featured below are some Habitat Heroes from 2016 to help inspire your own planting efforts!

Just this month National Audubon Society launched the Plants for Birds campaign!  The initial goal is to engage 50,000 people and plant one million native plants.  Audubon Rockies’ program to educate people to be Habitat Heroes fits right in supporting this larger campaign to create bird sanctuaries.  We take pride in recognizing 150 Habitat Heroes thus far.  Learn about our most recent honorees as you will be inspired to attract birds and other pollinators to your yard too! 

Habitat Heroes make a positive impact in our communities by increasing natural areas, providing homes and food for wildlife, and growing small refuges that can connect larger green spaces together. We want to empower your engagement by providing free resources and connections to local expertise so that you can successfully design gardens based on eco-friendly principles – such as using native plants, conserving water and eliminating pesticides.  Creating seed-rich, nectar-rich, pollen-producing oases welcome birds as well as butterflies.  We will also teach you which plants limit the need for water.  Your new style of gardening will combat climate change impacts; not just benefitting our local community, but providing another link in the chain spreading plants for birds across the West.  Now that’s true citizenship!

Anybody can be a Habitat Hero.  We re-designed our application process to engage as many gardeners as possible!  Look at how we categories the ways you can apply those eco-friendly principles (see our tiered approach of bronze, silver and gold levels).

We want to recognize your helpful efforts from small to large – whether you are a beginner gardener replacing a section of turfgrass with native planting or you’re a seasoned, green-thumb enthusiast wildscaping the last corner of your yard.

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~Take a look at our newest Habitat Heroes~

Audubon Society of Greater Denver, Nature Center – Littleton, CO

Gayfeathers with a bird nest box in the background.  Note the bare ground for some nesting bees too!  Photo by Kate Hogan.

 A camper having fun learning how the long tongues of butterflies help suck up flower’s nectar, such as on this milkweed.  Photo by Kate Hogan.

Andes-Georges – Boulder, CO

A wavecloud rolling through giant sacaton grass in this prairie landscape.

 Hanging beads diverts birds from flying into big windows and adds a creative touch.

Smith – Fort Collins, CO

Note how beautifully these gardeners brought a blended diversity of plants and rocks right up to their doorstep, mimicking the natural surrounding landscape.

Arkan – Cheyenne, WY

Over 90 species of plants in this 1/8 acre garden creates a diverse mix of textures, bloom times, colors, heights, scents and food sources – who says you can’t garden in a small space?

DeRosa – Fort Collins, CO

 Owner of the Fort Collins, Wild Birds Unlimited offers educational workshops and programming from her store to encourage folks to design gardens that attract and benefit birds.  Her own yard has tremendous bird diversity!  It just goes to show, “if you plant it, they will come.”

Plucker – Littleton, CO

 This ‘before’ photo shows the view facing west on their property which is dominated by turf grass.

This amazing ‘after’ photo depicts a complete transformation.  The meandering path brings you up close and personal to the plants and wildlife they attract.

Talk about inspirational! 

FOR MORE INFORMATION - Check out our FAQ’s to find out what you need to get going:

  • The range of components that can create your Habitat Hero garden.
  • Tips to get you started.
  • All the special benefits that come with your $30 application fee and how it contributes to bird conservation.

Contact Habitat Hero Coordinator, Jamie Weiss, with any additional questions you might have at
970-416-6931 or jweiss@audubon.org

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