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Planned Giving

Leave a legacy for birds
A Spotted Tohee is released during an Audubon Rockies Bioblitz. Photo: Timothy Rockhold
Ways to Help

Planned Giving

Leave a legacy for birds

Maximize your impact for birds and nature. Contact John at jklosterprew@audubon.org or 970-416-6931 for more inforamtion

Have you considered making a bequest to support the causes that you have cared about throughout your lifetime? If you share Audubon's values and feel a personal responsibility for stewarding our natural world, please consider extending your support beyond your lifetime by including Audubon Rockies in your plans with a legacy gift.

To ensure that your gift is dedicated to Audubon Rockies, simply specify in your estate plans that your gift is intended for Audubon Rockies, a program of The National Audubon Society. Tax ID # 13-1624102

There are many ways to make a legacy gift, including:

  • Making a gift through your IRA by designating Audubon Rockies  as a beneficiary. This strategy may have important tax benefits for your heirs and your estate.  Please see our information sheet for guidance on beneficiary designation.
  • Naming Audubon Rockies as a beneficiary or partial  beneficiary of a life insurance policy that has outlasted its original purpose.
  • Naming Audubon Rockies a successor beneficiary for your donor advised fund or the recipient of a portion of the remaining account value.
  • Setting up a charitable gift annuity agreement to provide lifetime income for yourself or members of your family and a gift to Audubon Rockies.
  • Naming Audubon Rockies or one of its programs in your will.

Naming Audubon Rockies in your will can be as simple as adding this language:

  • I bequeath (dollar amount or % of estate) to the National Audubon Society, Inc., a not-for-profit organization, with its principal offices located at 225 Varick Street, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10014. This gift should support Audubon Rockies programs. Tax ID # 13-1624102.
  • Please let us know about your intentions by filling out our Legacy Confirmation Form, so that we may honor your wishes to the best of our ability and recognize your support through our Grinnell Legacy Society.

Contact us for additional information or for assistance in determining which type of gift may be right for you.

John Kloster-Prew
Director of Development
(970) 416 6931  


116 N. College Avenue, Suite 1
Ft. Collins, CO 80524

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