Mapping Migration in Wyoming


During their journeys birds concentrate at stopover sites to forage for food or rest, and conservation of these migration habitats is critical for conserving migratory bird species. Despite this importance, there have been limited data available on the locations of stopover sites and movement pathways. In this study, The Nature Conservancy synthesized existing knowledge about bird migration in Wyoming and used this information to create maps showing where birds are most likely to concentrate during migration. These migratory concentration maps could facilitate proactive planning related to wind farms or other infrastructure developments and better target conservation efforts for migratory birds.

The landscape-scale maps of migratory concentration presented in the report provide a starting point for understanding patterns of bird migration in Wyoming. Beginning this spring, independent datasets will be collected by WYNDD specifically to further validate, and possibly improve, the maps created in this study.

In addition to this report, there is also a more detailed scientific paper that describes this study. That paper is still under review for publication, and I will share it once it is accepted/published.

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