New Beginnings and Old Friends

Our Mission – Grow a network of habitat for songbirds and pollinators in gardens across the Rocky Mountains and beyond, save water for our streams and rivers, and restore our joy in nature every day.

A New Year often brings about new beginnings, change, resolutions and commitments. As we kick off 2015, we’d like to share our new ideas and growth potential for Habitat Hero!  Habitat Hero was an undeniable success last year reaching out to over 800 attendees at 9 workshops ranging from Casper, WY to Pueblo, CO and awarding 28 Habitat Heroes for producing outstanding wildscapes.

2014 Habitat Hero Winner - Marcia Tatroe's Wildscape

So what’s in store for the New Year?  Well for starters, the Habitat Hero program is now a project of Audubon Rockies.  In 2010, Audubon Wyoming and Audubon Colorado combined programs and staff to create a unified, highly functioning Audubon Rockies, a regional office of the National Audubon Society.  In addition to sharing National’s mission of “conserving and restoring natural ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife, and their habitats for the benefit of humanity and the earth’s biological diversity,” we partner with our 17 independent local chapters to provide on-the-ground conservation efforts and educational programs.  Audubon Rockies’ aspiration is that our educational goals instill a conservation ethic for generations to come.  Habitat Heroes aligns perfectly with Audubon Rockies’ vision of creating open spaces rich in birds and other wildlife, and benefitting the people who enjoy that richness.

Staff of Audubon Rockies

The second part of what a New Year brings is the “you” factor and making resolutions and commitments.  What better way to make a pledge that benefits the environment, community and you?  To combat the loss of open spaces, a Habitat Hero positively contributes to the community by increasing natural areas, providing homes and food for wildlife, and connecting to larger green spaces.  This helps in restoring a fragmented ecosystem, and offers a welcome place for birds and wildlife through the implementation of wildscaping principles, a form of landscape stewardship.  A tremendous benefit is that your actions are more far-reaching than the confines of your backyard and have global impact!  Now is the time to say “yes” to supporting a diversity of wildlife, creating an outdoor educational environment that stimulates learning all while having fun at the same time!

To help get you started with the transformation of your garden, we have a Habitat Hero Workshop upcoming in Cheyenne, WY on March 28th from 9am til 4:30pm at Laramie County Community College.  Our speakers include; Susan J. Tweit – Plant Biologist and author of “Rocky Mountain Garden Survival Guide”; Jane Dorn – Co-author of “Growing Native Plants of the Rocky Mountain Area”; and Clint Basset – Water Conservation Specialist, Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities.  Learning water-wise wildscaping tips for your yard will be explained further with Susan’s talk on landscape design including use of berms, hardscapes, soils, wind and exposures, water features, micro climates and microsites.  Jane will share some favorite native plants adapted for the high plains and how to grow them incorporating Susan’s more general design approach.  There will also be a panel discussion using local yards as examples, which is an opportunity to see a live demonstration on how your yard could be made over.  For your yard to be considered, please send photos and basic diagram showing dimensions, orientation and features to

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Our Habitat Heroes New Year’s resolution is to expand our network of Habitat Heroes, creating more bird and wildlife habitat, consuming less water and walking a bit softer on our home planet.

Happy New Year!

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