Community Naturalist Program

Audubon Rockies Education Programs Receive National Recognition in 2016

The Community Naturalist Program is being recognized by NAAEE as an "Outstanding Service to Environmental Education by an Organization on Regional Level.”

Audubon Rockies was recognized by the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE), a leader in environmental education, as the recipient of one of NAAEE’s hallmark annual awards recognizing leadership in the field. At a special awards reception during NAAEE’s 45th Annual Conference in Madison WI , Audubon Rockies received the award for “Outstanding Service to Environmental Education by an Organization on Regional Level.” This builds upon a 2011 award received by NAAEE for “Outstanding Service to Environmental Education by an Organization on a Local Level.”


NAAEE’s mission is to bring the brightest minds together to accelerate environmental literacy and civic engagement through the power of education.
NAAEE has convened one of the leading annual conferences for environmental education professionals, from classroom teachers and teacher educators to nature center staff to climate science researchers and everyone in between – providing an invaluable networking and resource sharing forum. Averaging 1,000 participants each year, the event is designed to promote innovation, networking, learning, and dissemination of best practices.
The Outstanding Service to Environmental Education Awards are presented to individuals and organizations to recognize their efforts to lead EE efforts at the local, regional, and global levels.

“For more than four decades, NAAEE has promoted excellence and impact in environmental education thanks to the tireless efforts of our members, supporters, and affiliate organizations,” said Judy Braus, Executive Director. “Our award winners represent bright spots across North America that show progress in our field across multiple disciplines and approaches, from teaching and community engagement to research and environmental justice.”


Remember that Audubon depends on your support to do the conservation work that we do.

Audubon Rockies’ educators also gave three presentations at the annual NAEE conference, providing an opportunity to share our resources and building our network.

The following is a list of the presentations  given by Audubon Rockies and their description:

Inquiry, Exploration, and Service Learning in the Sagebrush Ecosystem" Workshop Explore this exciting new curriculum with supporting resources developed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Engaging Every Student, Audubon Rockies, Bureau of Land Management, and partners. Learn hands-on strategies to help grade 4-8 students think critically about the sagebrush ecosystem and ways to protect the diverse species found there.

Ranching for Conservation: Sustaining Biodiversity, Livelihoods, and Communities in the Northern Great Plains Learn how Audubon Rockies is working to engage ranching communities using our Community Naturalist Program, with the intent of building ecosystem health and improving the sustainability of ranching.

Birds as a tool to engage communities to get outdoors. Bird is the word: Audubon Rockies Community Naturalists' use birds as a tool to engage outdoor learning. We will discuss our many citizen science opportunities that revolve around birds including our Christmas Bird Count, MAPS birds banding stations, E-Bird and more. We will also discuss our partnerships with Cornell, IBP, and Flying Wild.

Audubon Rockies feel fortunate to have received such a prestigious award and looks forward to building on it far into the future. 

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