Are You a Retailer Interested in Audubon Certified Beef

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Are You a Retailer Interested in Audubon Certified Beef

See our Retailer Package

Why carry Audubon Certified Beef?  

Audubon's Market Based Approach

Smart shoppers everywhere are looking for ecolabels and demanding groceries from responsibly managed farms. Trendsetting food companies and supermarkets like you are interested in knowing more about how their products are grown -- where and by whom -- and with what social and ecological consequences. There is a growing consensus that certification is an effective way to ensure the establishment and enforcement of management practices that protect the environment, the rights of workers and the interests of local communities. Audubon and its partner groups are raising public awareness about the interdependence between conservation and agriculture.

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Benefits for Businesses

  • Listing in the membership directory to facilitate networking among sustainable ranches and the companies that source from them
  • The ability to locate ranchers and buyers throughout the supply chain
  • Access to our Logo 
  • A streamlined and efficient submission process for the approval of packaging and other materials that use the seal
  • Valuable promotional materials to increase sales
  • Is one of the most recognized and trusted brands in conservation
  • Adds market appeal and value to the premium of the product
  • Highest customer loyalty.
  • Audubon's Conservation Ranching Program  represent one of the best hopes for conservation across the American West, and you can be part of a tried and true program that helps ranchers and the environment.
  • Because Audubon has nearly half a million members interested in purchasing beef grazed on Audubon Certified Lands.  
  • Industry experts maintain that growth in non traditional beef is very stable and has been between 25-30 percent annually over the past decade. Many experts also predict that this growth will continue
  • By replacing expensive grain feed with regenerative management practices — grazing animals on grasses coaxed from the pastureland's latent seed bank, and fertilized by the cows' own manure — ranchers are completely insulated from spikes in the price of feed.
  • Grassland birds, as a group, experienced the steepest decline of over-all ecosystem health.  Since the 1960's populations of several key species have declines as much as 80%. Our ranchers will help reverse this decline. 
  • Audubon Certified ranches  have the supply and we anticipate it will continue to grow to reach over 500,000 acres enrolled by 2020.
  • For More information contact  Alison Holloran, Executive Director, or Dusty Downey Conservation Ranching Program

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