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Rockie's Sagebrush Adventures Book Delights Wyoming Students

Community Naturalists Jacelyn Downey and Zach Hutchinson are delighted to present the children's book "Rockies' Sagebrush Adventures" following the life of our young heroine, Rockie, a Burrowing Owl. This free resource will be available to Wyoming students as an education tool to learn about our local ecosystem.

Children will have the opportunity to learn about Wyoming's major ecosystem, sagebrush steppe, by following Rockie, Sammy, & Daisy as they discover what life in the "Big Empty" is all about. Children can read along as our trio meet local wildlife characters and learn how each of these animals adapts and survives to life in a habitat with minimal water.


Audubon Rockies would like to thank the Shirley Basin Sage-grouse Working Group for funding this project. Thanks to their support, this book is free to all children of Wyoming.


To learn more or get a copy of "Rockie," reach out to our Community Naturalists Jacelyn Downey & Zach Hutchinson.


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