Rockies Education Hosts Flying WILD and MAPS Bird Banding Workshop on March 16th

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On March 16th, we will be hosting a FLYING WILD workshop along with a MAPS Bird Banding Training  for educators of Natrona County FREE OF CHARGE!  This 7 hour workshop will get you .5 PTSB credits, and you will get the opportunity to band live birds, participate in water quality testing, and become trained in the FLYING WILD curriculum.   Through activities involving real scientific research,  language arts, social science and math experiences, coupled with FLYING WILD offers practical hands-on classroom and outdoor field investigation experiences connecting real-world experiences in bird biology, conservation and natural history.  Project-based classroom applications, service learning and community involvement are encouraged through sections of the guide dedicated to the planning and implementation of birding festivals.  This award winning curriculum generally costs over 50 dollars per participant, but because of a grant that Audubon Rockies received, we are offering it, along with PTSB credit for free!



MAY:  On May 9th, we are looking for 5 or 6 elementary classrooms who would like  to participate in our annual International Migratory Bird Day Activities at Edness Wilkins State Park.  We will be partnering with the Game and Fish, NRCS, State Parks, and of course local Audubon Chapter Members to provide hands on, avian emphasized presentations.  We hope to have some live raptors available, as well as plenty of local knowledge. If you are an elementary school teacher and would like to participate please contact me at 




ONGOING: This spring Audubon will be launching its CRANE (Career Resource and Nature Education) program.  Five to Ten current Sophmores and Juniors will be chosen to participate in this year's program where they will get the opportunity to participate in our MAPS Bird Banding Program, and to learn more about careers in natural resources.  The students will get a stipend and will be an integral part of some local citizen science at our Audubon Center at Garden Creek.   If you think you have students that might be interested in this program, please contact me. 


Audubon Rockies has a variety of ways to provide your class with local place based education.  Our Nature Center on Garden Creek is a 400 acre wonderland of nature that hosts school groups and provides educational opportunities based around the outdoors.  Our Community Naturalists can lead field trips, bring a standard aligned conservation program to your classroom on about any science related topic that you would like, or provide you with a teacher training to help you develop your own science teaching skills.  We also provide teacher trunks, small nature centers in a box,  free of charge!

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