Wyoming CBC's

Each year thousands of Wyoming citizens led by local birders participate in one or more of the twenty-two plus Christmas Bird Counts held in Wyoming. This holiday season join with birders and nature lovers who participate in this important citizen science effort across Wyoming. The one-day bird counts provide valuable data about the number of bird species and numbers of each species occurring within a set geographic area. Whether you just watch your bird feeder or spend a full day in the field with friends, it is a great way to have fun and gather important information on bird populations.

Help is needed on many of these counts, so find one that interests you and contact the compiler for more information.

 Albany County 12/14/2014

If you would like to participate, meet at Coal Creek Coffee (110 E. Grand) at 7:30 am on the day of the count to get data forms and team assignments. We will reconvene at The Grounds Internet and Coffee Lounge (171 N. 3rd St.) from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm to drop off morning reports and regroup for those continuing in the afternoon. Feeder watchers are also welcome.  We will end the day with a chili supper where results will be compiled. Contact me for more information or if you would like to be assigned a route early (307.286.1972 or wolfhowlin@gmail.com).


Email to RSVP

Evanston 12/14/2014    

Those interested should meet 7:30 am at the Hornet's Nest Gas Station, 8 miles north of Evanston on Rt 89.  The Evanston circle holds the all-time record count for Greater Sage-Grouse, 698 in 1986.   For more details contact Tim Gorman at 307-789-3833 or 307-679-0656 

Dubois            12/14/2014

Please contact Anna Moscicki at amoscick@dteworld.com or 307-455-2904 to participate."

Casper            12/20/2014

Pre Count meeting at Pronghorn Room at the Game and Fish Office Dec 12th 7-8:30pm.  CBC Date is the 14th.Gathering meeting on the morning of the count will be at King's Corner (112 S. Beech--on the corner of 1st Street and S. Beech Street) from 7:30-9AM. Potluck and compiling of count will, also, be at King's Corner at 5:30.

Contact  Chris Michelson--234-8726

Sheridan         12/14/2014
Email Julie Rieder 702-468-0029

Buffalo           12/14/2014

   Deane Bjerke   dberke@bresnan.net   307-684-2798                                                         702-468-0029

Story - Big Horn 12/23/2014
Contact Jean Daly at 674-9728 to get route info prior to the count. Meet at 7am at 37 N. 2nd St. in Big Horn.

Gillette            12/14/2014
Meet at 7am at Perkins. Contact Dusty Downey at 504-453-4124 or via email.

Cheyenne       1/3/2014
Meet at Downtown Post Office at 7:30am. 6pm Potluck dinner to follow at Westgate Activity Center. Contact Greg Johnson at 634-1056 or via email.

Pinedale          12/28/2014

If you are in the area feel free to join us, we can always use more birders!  I like to have routes given out prior to the day thus give me a call at 307-367-7018 for more details. We have a chili pot luck dinner at the Pinedale library starting at 5:30 PM that day. 

Bates Hole     January 1, 2015.  This count is a mostly rural count, which provides a different suite of birds than you would have with a town for the base of the circle.  Also, the wind rarely blows in the middle of Bates Hole, so we frequently are birding in dead calm while Casper has it's normal wind and blowing snow. So for a break from the wind, start the New Year off right with lots of neat birds.  Some of us will start with owling along the creeks and river.Meet at Charlie Scott's at 7:30 AM.  For more details, call Charlie Scott at 473-2512 or Stacey Scott at 262-0055.

Alta WY/Driggs ID 1/5/2014
Contact Susan Patla at (307) 413-1222 or via email.  We do a potluck at 5:30 pm at the Teton Regional Land Trust Office.

Cody        12/27/2014

If you would like to join the Cody CBC, call Joyce Cicco at 307-527-5030, or email jcicco00@tritel.net.  The Cody routes are assigned prior to the count and participants receive route maps, bird checklists, and other information about the count in the mail.  It is then up to those covering each route to meet up and cover their territory.  At 6:00 p.m. we will gather at the Christ Episcopal Church, 825 Simpson Avenue in Cody, to tally the results of the count and then enjoy a pot-luck supper.  Soup and beverages will be provided.  Please bring a dish of your choice to share.

Jackson Hole 1/3/2014

The Teton Valley ID/WY (west side of the Teton Range) Christmas Bird Count will be held on Saturday January 3.  The day before I will be giving a winter bird ID refresher at the Teton Regional Land Trust Office in Driggs, ID at 2pm.

Guernsey - Ft. Laramie 12/27/2014

Jane Dorn, compiler for the Guernsey - Fort Laramie Christmas Bird Count has set Dec. 27 as the date.If you are interested in carpooling from Cheyenne, please contact me, Barb Gorges, 634-0463, bgorges4@msn.com <mailto:bgorges4@msn.com Please let Jane know if you plan to participate, 307-640-4002, linglebird@yahoo.com <mailto:linglebird@yahoo.com> . 

Riverton         12/27/2014

 Riverton's Christmas Bird Count will be Saturday, December 27.  We'll meet at the new McDonald's on North Federal Street at 7:15 for breakfast and grouping and leave for our city routes at 8:00, meet again at 11:30 for lunch and then head out for the rural areas.  Everyone welcome!  Bring warm clothing and binoculars, cameras are encouraged.  For further information call 307-856-6690.    

Sundance       12/28/2014
We will meet at the Rapid Stop Conoco Service Station, 7:30 AM at the West end of Sundance. Contact Jennifer Adams at 283-2467.

Lander           12/20/2014
Meet at McDonalds in Lander at 7:15 and/or 12:00. (You can count all day or either half of the day.) Contact Del Nelson at 307 332-5102 if you need further information.

Kane               12/14/2013
Meet at Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area's Visitor Center in Lovell at 7:00am. Reconvene at 4:30 pm for potluck chili dinner and to tally results. For more information, please contact Neil or Jennifer Miller, 307-568-9346.

Crowheart     1/1/2014
We will meet at 7:15 a.m. at the firehall in Crowheart (across the highway from the Crowheart Store). Bring a lunch, drinks, and snacks. We will have a tally rally after the count. The time will be determined at the morning meeting.

Laramie          12/14/2013
Volunteers can call ahead (307-286-1972) or meet at Coal Creek Coffee (110 E. Grand) at 7:30 am on the day of the count to get data forms and team assignments.. Those not assigned routes ahead of time meet at Coal Creek Coffee (110 E. Grand Ave., downtown) at 7:30 am. Feeder watchers please contact me ahead of the count day.

Green River   12/14/2014
Participants will meet at the McDonald's on Uinta Drive (just north of the river bridge) at 7:00 a.m. to assign count areas, then back at McDonald's around lunchtime, and finally at Fred and Fern Linton's home afterwards for the count tally and spaghetti feast. If you are interested in participating, please contact me via email or cellphone at 208-380-5802. 

To learn more about the history of the Christmas Bird Counts, visit the National Audubon Society's website.

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