Zephyr is the most recent new high-voltage transmission line proposed.  Duke American Transmission Company (DATC) proposed developing a 3,000 megawatt line that will travel 850 miles, from Wheatland/Chugwater area in Wyoming to the Eldorado Valley south of Las Vegas. The line will be a 500 kv high voltage direct current transmission line.  The project aims to transport abundant renewable energy resources in Wyoming to a growing energy market in the Southwest by teaming up with Wyoming’s Pathfinder Renewable Wind Project.

If built, the Zephyr power line would follow a very similar route as TransWest, a project proposed by the Anschutz Corporation. However, the Zephyr project is still in its early planning stages. The developers recently applied for Right-of-Way permits from the Bureau of Land Management, and are waiting to begin review under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

DATC sponsored open houses for the public, which Audubon attended.  The proponent, DATC, is continuing conversations with the conservation community. 

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