Habitat Hero

Wildscaping 101

Planting a Better World for Birds & People

Saturday, February 08, 2020
10:00am - 12:00pm

Location Details

Fort Collins Nursery

2121 E Mulberry St., Fort Collins, 80524

Wildscaping 101

February 08, 2020

Registration is required.

Learn how to create wildlife-friendly gardens that help combat the loss of open spaces and link your garden to larger natural areas.

Course Description

Come watch experts demonstrate the importance of restoring our communities, one garden patch at a time. From a birds-eye view, learn how to create wildlife-friendly gardens that help combat the loss of open spaces and create green corridors that link your wildscape to larger natural areas by providing habitat for wildlife.

In this two-hour session you will

1. Learn about the National Audubon Society and the Colorado Native Plant Society and how they collaborate to bring information and programs to the public

2. Understand how suburban planning has changed bird flight patterns and food sources over the last several decades

3. Identify all the many elements of a Habitat Hero Garden (it's not just about the food!)

4. Discover how to transition a bit of yard to a Habitat Hero Garden for your business or home including using pots. It's easier than you think!

Cost: $18

Experience Level: Beginner-Advanced


Jamie Weiss is the Habitat Hero Coordinator for Audubon Rockies. She combines her science and educational background to manage the Habitat Hero program, which focuses on engaging community members and businesses in actively restoring natural habitat for birds, butterflies, pollinators and other wildlife large and small.

Lisa Boesen is a Fort Collins, Colorado-based speaker, writer, beekeeper and Habitat Hero gardener. She enjoys sharing tips and tools for an extraordinary lifestyle at any age including volunteering skills to local organizations. Nature, birds, and habitats have a natural affinity to pollination and she loves supporting the Audubon Rockies and its mission by sharing the Habitat Hero Garden program to the general public!

Broad-tailed Hummingbird. Photo: Pete Arnold

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