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Plant Sources

From pre-planned gardens to finding a garden center or nursery near you.

Habitat Hero Birdwatcher Pre-Planned Garden

Lauren Springer Ogden, renowned garden designer, and High Country Gardens carefully selected a collection of 15 xeric plants designed to attract and benefit songbirds, pollinators and other wildlife in the Habitat Hero Birdwatcher Pre-Planned Garden.  This 7’x12’ garden-in-a-box has a great variety of perennials, shrubs and ornamental grasses.  

High Country Gardens proudly supports the mission of Audubon Rockies by donating some of the proceeds with every garden sold!​

Together with High County Gardens we have created the Habitat Hero Birdwatcher Pre-Planned Garden. Carefully selected, this collection of plants will draw and benefit songbirds and other beneficial pollinators. Learn more in this video!


For a list of pollinator safe retailers – visit here


  • ALPLAINS (Kiowa, CO) - Family operated, specializes in seed of western natives, also includes non-natives of alpine species from around the world; catalog gives location where seed collected, codes indicate germination advice, also has good information on pretreatment and germination of native seeds.
  • Applewood Seed Company (Arvada, CO) - Offers seed of many natives and non-natives.
  • Arkansas Valley Seed Company (Denver, CO) - Seeds of native grasses, forbs, wildflowers, shrubs, and trees as well as non-native naturalized species.
  • Bath Garden Center and Nursery (Fort Collins, CO) - Retail nursery with a Habitat Hero Demonstration Garden along with a wide selection of native plants & seeds and hosts educational workshops.
  • Beauty Beyond Belief (Fort Collins, CO) - Specializes in seed of native wildflowers, seed available in small packets, seed sold in many retail outlets.
  • Chelsea Nursery (Grand Junction, CO) – Dedicated to xeric and native plants.  Definition of native for this nursery is ‘plants growing naturally in the Rocky Mountain Region’
  • Eagle Crest Nursery (El Jebel, CO) 
  • Earth Love Gardens (Boulder, CO)  -  Facilitates the opportunity for everybody to sustainably grow food. They create garden beds, custom-size cold frames, greenhouses, and edible landscaping permaculture design.
  • Fort Collins Nursery (Fort Collins, CO) - Retail nursery with selection of native plants and seeds, workshops; website does not include plant list so must call or visit nursery or call to availability.
  • Gardening With Altitude (Cheyenne, WY) – Plant nursery and garden center that specialize in native foliage.
  • Harlequin Gardens (Boulder, CO) – Family-owned nursery and garden center dedicated in providing plants that are neonic-free!

  • High Country Gardens (Santa Fe, NM) - Retail, mail order nursery, specializes in native and naturalized plants for the high elevation southwest.
  • JAX Ranch & Home (Fort Collins, CO) – Specializing in carrying a selection of native plants.
  • Lawyer Nursery (West Plains, MT) - Specializes in wholesale of bareroot trees and shrubs for reclamation, including many natives; minimum order $250.  Most plants sold in bundles of 10-100.
  • Laporte Avenue Nursery (Fort Collins, CO) – They grow plants and ship them in 2 ½ pots.  Go to their website for their catalog and more information.
  • Pawnee Buttes Seed Inc. (Greeley, CO) - Primarily wholesale source of seed, including native grasses, shrubs, and forbs for reclamation and restoration.
  • Plants of the Southwest (Santa Fe, NM) - Specializes in seed of native trees, shrubs, and wildflowers of the Southwest, issues catalog, seeds available in small packets with growing instructions.
  • Sharp Brothers Seed Company (Greeley, CO) - Largest seed producer in US.  Offers seeds of native grasses and wildflowers, the Greeley location focuses on Rocky Mountain region.
  • Western Native Seed (Coaldale, CO) - Native wildflower, grass, shrub and tree seeds, mixes for different elevations and biomes, run by a botanist and his wife.
  • Wind River Seed (Manderson, WY) - Specializes in seeds of native shrubs and wildflowers, primarily a source for reclamation seed but has some in small quantities.
  • Wyoming Plant Company (Casper, WY) - Retail nursery which offers a variety of native plants in pots.

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