Habitat Hero

Habitat Hero Books

Suggested readings for bird-friendly gardening.
  • American Meadow Garden: Creating a natural alternative to the traditional lawn. John Greenlee. 2009. Timber Press.
  • Attracting Native Pollinators: Protecting North America’s Bees and Butterflies. The Xerces Society. 2011. Workman Publishers.  
  • Bringing Home Nature: How you Can Sustain Wildlife with Native Plants. Douglas Tallamy. 2013. Timber Press.
  • Collecting. Processing and Germinating Seeds of Wildland Plants. James A. Young & Cheryl G. Young. 1986. Timber Press.
  • Colorado Wildscapes: Bringing Conservation Home
  • Farming with Native Beneficial Insects. The Xerces Society. 2014. Storey Publishing.
  • Garden Stories. Judy Richter. 2017. CreateSpace Independent Publishing. For a copy of either the Colorado or Wyoming Wildscapes book. please contact Jamie Weiss. Habitat Hero Coordinator at jweiss@audubon.org
  • Garden RevolutionHow Our Landscapes Can Be A Source Of Environmental Change. Larry Weaner and Thomas Christopher. 2016. Timber Press.
  • Growing Native Plants of the Rocky Mountain Area. Robert D. Dorn and Jane L. Dorn. 2007. Lulu Publishing. 
  • High and DryGardening with Cold-Hardy Dryland Plants. Robert Nold. 2008. Timber Press.
  • Landscaping with Native Plants of the Intermountain Region. Hilary Parkinson. 2015. Technical Reference 1730-3 2003.  U. S. Dept. Interior. Bureau of Land Management
  • Native Plants for High-elevation Western Gardens. Janice Busco and Nancy R. Morin. 2010. Fulcrum Press.
  • Plants with Altitude: Regionally Native Plants for Wyoming Gardens. Amy A. Fluet. Jennifer S. Thompson. Dorothy E. Tuthill. Brenna R. Marsicek. 2014. University of Wyoming. Biodiversity Institute. 
  • The American Meadow Garden. Creating a Natural Alternative to the Traditional Lawn. John Greenlee. 2009. Timber Press.
  • The Reference Manual of Woody Plant Propagation. From Seed to Tissue Culture. 2nd edition. Michael A. Dirr. Charles W. Heuser. Jr. 2007.  Varsity Press. Inc.
  • Undaunted Garden: Planting for Weather-Resilient Beauty. Laurent Springer Ogden. 2011. Fulcrum Press.
  • Woody Plant Seed Manual. USDA. Forest Service. 2008.
  • Wyoming Wildscapes.  Wyoming Game & Fish Department.

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