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Monthly Trivia:


Although large birds lay larger eggs than small birds, small birds have proportionately larger eggs and clutches relative to their body size.

  • 60 ostrich eggs equal the weight of 1 adult ostrich, but it only takes about 9 hummingbird eggs to weigh as much as the adult hummingbird.
  • About the size of a chicken, kiwis lay the largest eggs proportionate to the bird’s body size; it takes only 4 kiwi eggs to equal the weight of an adult kiwi.
  • The Mute Swan lays an egg that is 4% of its body weight and its entire clutch comprises 23% of its body weight.  Compare that to the Blue Tit, 1/900th the weight of the swan.  The Blue Tit lays an egg about 12% of is body weight and a clutch that comprises 130% of its body weight.



Flying at 25-40 miles per hour, birds need to slow down by applying some sort of brakes.  They do so in various ways.

  • They spread their wings
  • They lower their tail
  • In the case of waterfowl and seabirds, they spread their webbed feet in front of them
  • Woodpeckers, landing on the side of a tree trunk, slow down their forward speed by coasting upward and then grab the trunk when their speed is appropriate for doing so.



  • The Bald Eagle was chosen as the symbol for the United States in 1782, although Benjamin Franklin preferred the Wild Turkey.
  • A Bald Eagle by the name of Old Abe was purchased from Chippewa Indian by the Eighth Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry for $5 during the American Civil War.  Abe was carried into battle as a mascot, including the siege of Vicksburg in 1863.  After the war, the eagle helped to raise funds for various veterans’ charities.
  • Another Bald Eagle, Challenger, was trained to fly into sports stadiums during the playing of the U.S. national anthem, including baseball’s World Series, football’s Super Bowl, and basketball’s NCAA Final Four.  He also demonstrated his skills at the White House.

 For more fascinating trivia about the avian world (as well as beautiful illustrations!), read Dr. Roger Lederer’s  Amazing Birds: A Treasury of Facts and Trivia about the Avian World

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