Community Naturalist

Bird Banding at Twelve Years Old

Watch how Audubon Rockies has helped one young scientist become a skilled bird bander.

Each summer, Audubon Rockies Community Naturalists run four bird banding stations with the help of volunteers. Part of our goal is to collect data that helps scientists and managers conserve these birds, and the other part is to inspire an appreciation for birds and science in people like Katelyn. This year, 672 youths and 156 adults visited our banding stations on field trips.

For many people, seeing a bird up close for the first time is transformative. “Usually you just see them in the air from far away. But up close you get to notice their feathers and all the different details on them,” said Katelyn. 

Through our banding stations, Community Naturalists cultivate an interest in birds and grow it into a passion for conserving them. Community science is a powerful opportunity because it helps people realize that birding isn’t just a hobby; it can be an important and meaningful career. 

Help us inspire more youths like Katelyn. By donating to Audubon Rockies, your funds will help our Community Naturalists like Jacelyn continue to train and inspire people across Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah. 

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