Beef from an Audubon-certified ranch.
Beef from an Audubon-certified ranch.
Conservation Ranching Initiative

Where to Buy Meat from Audubon-Certified Lands

Photo: Evan Barrientos/Audubon
Photo: Evan Barrientos/Audubon

Audubon's Conservation Ranching program certifies ranches that raise beef and bison with bird-friendly land management. Meat from Audubon-certified land is hormone and antibiotic-free, ethically raised, and delicious.

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Retailer City Category Street Zip Phone Website
R&R Coffee Café Black Forest Restaurant 11424 Black Forest Rd. 80908 719-494-8300
Corner Post Meats* Colorado Springs Online retailer/Ranch 10165 Hodgen Rd. 80908 303-898-0642
Till Kitchen Colorado Springs Restaurant 9633 Prominent Point 80924 719-282-8004
Potager Restaurant Denver Restaurant 1109 Ogden St. 80218 303-832-5788
Tap Fourteen Uptown Denver Restaurant 400 E. 19th Avenue 80203 720-612-4604
Beavers Market Fort Collins Store 1100 W. Mountain Ave. 80524 970-484-2243
The Farmhouse at Jessup Farms Fort Collins Restaurant 1957 Jessup Drive 80525 970-631-8041
Mountain Avenue Market Fort Collins Store 250 E. Mountain Ave. 80524 970-484-7448
Rafter W Ranch* Simla Online retailer/Ranch 27178 State Hwy 86
80835 719-541-1002


Reed Ranch* Douglas Ranch   82633 307-351-7694
Big Hollow Food Co-Op Laramie Store 119 S. 1st St. 82070 307-745-3586
Lohof Grass-Finished Beef* Otter Online retailer/Ranch 64 Boyce Rd. 59062 406-784-2549
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Western Meadowlark. Photo: James Halsch/Audubon Photography Awards

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