Evan Barrientos & Daly Edmunds

Communications and Marketing Coordinator, Director of Policy and Outreach

Evan Barrientos is the Communications and Marketing Coordinator of Audubon Rockies. His passion is using photography, videography, and writing to inspire people to explore and care for nature. He began birdwatching and photography as a child at the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center in Wisconsin and studied Natural Resources at Cornell University. In addition to communications, he has worked in the fields of environmental education, volunteer coordination, land restoration and management, and ecology. Evan is also fluent in Spanish, proficient in Portuguese, and passionate about including diverse and young audiences in conservation. In his free time, he enjoys photography, hiking, climbing,  salsa dancing, ultimate frisbee, and supporting English as a Second Language classes.

Daly Edmunds  is the director of policy and outreach for Audubon Rockies. Daly is responsible for furthering the Sagebrush Ecosystem Initiative on a regional scale and works with with government representatives, conservation organizations, and community leaders throughout Wyoming, Colorado, and neighboring states to do so. Daly received her master's in zoology and physiology from the University of Wyoming, on pronghorn antelope research in southwestern Wyoming. Prior to joining Audubon in 2009, she worked for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, National Wildlife Federation, and Wyoming Wildlife Federation. In her spare time Daly enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking, cross-country skiing, attempting to capture wildlife with a camera, and camping with family and friends. She is a board member of the Wyoming Chapter of The Wildlife Society.

Articles by Evan Barrientos & Daly Edmunds

Speaking up for Birds

Speaking up for Birds

— Audubon members in Colorado learned how to lobby their legislators at Getting Green Laws 2019.