Keith Bruno and Jamie Weiss

Community Naturalist and Habitat Hero Coordinator

Keith Bruno is our Community Naturalist serving southwest Colorado, where he runs ecology programs at the Hershey Foundation’s Four Mile Ranch located near Pagosa Springs. He enjoys teaching about birds, native plants, pollinators, food security, snow science, and generally anything that gets him outdoors. Before Audubon, Keith received a master’s degree in natural resources with an environmental education certificate from the University of Idaho. He spent most of his 20s and 30s roaming around the west working wildlife and plant technician jobs with some forays into mountain guiding and market farming.  He enjoys skiing, gardening, fishing, hunting, mountain climbing, and exploring Puebloan dwellings of the desert Southwest. Now he gets to do it with his young daughter!

Jamie Weiss is the Habitat Hero coordinator. Along with her B.S. in marine biology and chemistry from University of North Carolina Wilmington, Jamie is a certified interpretive guide through the National Association for Interpretation.  Jamie previously worked at Boyd Lake State Park and the Georgia Aquarium as an educational interpreter, raising awareness of conservation.  When not working, she is often leading an active lifestyle trying to keep up with her Border Collie puppy and Golden Retriever. She enjoys hiking, camping, snowboarding, and long-distance running. 

Articles by Keith Bruno and Jamie Weiss

New Habitat Hero Garden in Pagosa Springs
Habitat Hero

New Habitat Hero Garden in Pagosa Springs

— With partners and volunteers, we’ve completed a new bird-friendly garden at the Geothermal Greenhouse Partnership site.