Headshot of Michelle LaCrosse.

Michelle LaCrosse

Former Communications and Marketing Intern

Michelle Lacrosse, our 2020 marketing and communications intern, grew up in the Puget Sound within a stone’s throw of Commencement Bay and the Asarco Smelter Superfund site. Environmental conservation and community education have always been a central concern to her, so to better understand people, societal motivations, and how to increase awareness and conservation efforts, she received a BA in anthropology from the University of Montana. She has lived in many states, stopping most recently in northern Colorado to graduate from Colorado State University with an MFA in creative writing, where she developed essays on place, exploring the connections humans and animals have to the planet and each other. In addition to being a voracious reader, Michelle enjoys gardening in her spare time and looks forward to rainy days.

Articles by Michelle LaCrosse

A New Chapter for Shorebirds
Gillmor Sanctuary

A New Chapter for Shorebirds

— Gillmor Sanctuary managers provide the first review of Great Salt Lake’s shorebirds.