Brick archway leading to a forested vista with Wyoming BioBlitz 2022 logo on top.
Brick archway leading to a forested vista with Wyoming BioBlitz 2022 logo on top.
Community Naturalist

Wyoming BioBlitz

Wyoming's annual community science weekend extravaganza! | June 9–11, 2023
Guernsey State Park. Photo: Nita Tallent
Guernsey State Park. Photo: Nita Tallent
Community Naturalist

Wyoming BioBlitz

Wyoming's annual community science weekend extravaganza! | June 9–11, 2023

Why Participate in Wyoming BioBlitz?

If you’re reading this, you probably already know how fun and exciting it is to notice new or uncommon species around you. Wyoming BioBlitz feeds that sense of curiosity and discovery by encouraging people to observe everything around them, from the moose to the millipedes. By dedicating some time to looking for new species, you’re also likely to learn about wildlife you didn’t even know about.

Wyoming BioBlitz is also a great opportunity for nature-lovers of all backgrounds to spend time together doing something out of the ordinary. No level of expertise is needed, which means people of all ages can enjoy a weekend of exploring nature and the biodiversity in it.

Participating in Wyoming BioBlitz also contributes scientific data that are useful to scientists and conservationists working to study and protect Wyoming’s wonderful plants and wildlife.

Finally, Wyoming BioBlitz provides a hands-on opportunity to learn from experts. Participants will meet local scientists and learn how they study their subjects. Teachers can also receive two Professional Standards Teaching Board (PTSB) credits for participating.

Need more convincing? Here's a video recap of Wyoming BioBlitz 2021:

Camping, Food, and Water

We will be using the Sandy Point Campground as our staging area and camping area free of charge. To reserve your campsite, please contact Park Superintendent Chris Delay at 307-836-2334. Please note that there are 15 sites with electricity. Use of an electric site will require a $10/day fee. If you'd like to share your campsite with another person, your family, or another group, please indicate that to Chris. For maps and other information, click here.

Running water is available but you will need to bring reusable water bottles and other containers for your water use. Bathrooms are available on site. Portable toilets will be made available at survey locations when possible.

An orange tent in a montane meadow at dusk.
Tent camping at Wyoming BioBlitz 2018. Photo: Evan Barrientos/Audubon Rockies


We are planning to hold Wyoming BioBlitz in-person this year due to the declining coronavirus cases, increasing vaccine ability, and outdoor setting of this event. We will be monitoring the situation as the date approaches, and we will ultimately follow Wyoming’s health recommendations. If you are uncomfortable with attending in-person, we hope you’ll participate virtually. More information coming soon.

PTSB Credits

We offer two Professional Standards Teaching Board (PTSB) credits for teachers participating in Wyoming BioBlitz. To receive credits, you must be a PTSB-certified teacher, sign up for the credit by contacting Dusty Downey (, 504-453-4124), and participate in all activities during the event.


1. What types of surveys will there be?

The types of inventory activities will depend on the species that the scientists are trying to find and document. Different groups will look for birds, fish, plants, invertebrates, mammals, microbes, fungi, etc. Some will be land-based; others will require wading in shallow water.

2. Who can participate?

Everyone! Children can participate in inventory activities, but they must be accompanied by an adult. There will also be activities just for children. Teachers can earn 2 PTSB credits. 

3. If I have a mobility issue such as using a wheelchair, can I still participate?

Yes, although many of the survey teams will be on trails that may make participation challenging.

4. What should I wear?

You will be outside and in the field, so you should dress accordingly. Layering is highly recommended to make you most comfortable. You should also bring a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen to protect you from potential sun exposure. Wear sturdy shoes if you plan on using the hiking trails.

5. What happens if it rains or there is bad weather?

Nature happens despite the weather. Wyoming BioBlitz will take place rain or shine. 

Event Organizers

Wyoming BioBlitz 2022 was co-hosted by Audubon Rockies, UW Biodiversity InstituteWyoming State ParksWyoming Game and Fish DepartmentWyoming Natural Diversity DatabaseWyoming State Forestry DivisionRocky Mountain Herbarium, and Cheyenne-High Plains Audubon Society.

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