Our 2021 Year-end Video

Watch some of our most exciting accomplishments for bird conservation in Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah in 2021.

Around this time every year, we’re called to take a moment to slow down and reflect. As we look back at 2021, there is plenty for all of us to celebrate for birds in Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah. While 2021 presented a unique set of challenges, with your support we were able to rise to the occasion and create a better world for birds and people across the Rockies and beyond.

It was a big year for engagement as our staff returned to in-person environmental education. Our members also helped us make important policy advances for conservation. Nearly 3,000 of you took action to help us stop a proposal that would have allowed more pollution to enter Colorado’s rivers and streams. 

It was an impressive year for on-the-ground habitat conservation as well. Twenty ranches covering 834,000 acres across Colorado and Wyoming are now certified by Audubon’s conservation ranching program, with new restoration projects taking place on three ranches in Colorado. In Utah, at Gillmor Sanctuary near Great Salt Lake, we acquired 413-acres of property that are now being restored to create crucial shorebird habitat. And in Colorado, we planted our largest Habitat Hero garden yet at Jack’s Solar Garden. 

Thank you so much, for learning at our events, participating in community science, volunteering, advocating, and donating. None of these accomplishments would have been possible without your support. Here’s to another successful year of conserving birds in Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah. To help us do even more in 2022, please consider making a donation.

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