Conservation Ranching Initiative

Blue Nest Beef Launches Grass-Fed, Audubon-Certified Subscription Service

Certified by Audubon’s Conservation Ranching Initiative, company helps fix a broken food system with cattle as their tool and birds as their guide.

FULSHEAR, TEXAS (November 4, 2019)Blue Nest Beef today announced its official launch and delivery of 100% grass-fed beef directly to consumers exclusively from bird-friendly U.S. ranches certified by the National Audubon Society’s Conservation Ranching Initiative.

A story of hope, Blue Nest Beef’s mission is to help fix a broken food system and reinvent animal agriculture by using cattle as their tool and birds as their guide, while empowering both American ranchers and consumers to be part of the solution. Regenerative grazing practices consistently produce the highest quality, 100% grass-fed beef, while restoring natural ecosystem biodiversity and wildlife habitat.

Surprisingly, birds serve as one of the simplest and best resources to tell us which ranchers are using their cattle for good. Now, by filling the supply chain gap and working to scale domestic grass-fed beef production, Blue Nest Beef believes it can connect more consumers to quality beef, reward ranchers for doing more of the good things they truly want to do, and positively impact the environment using a true, tangible metric: birds.

“Our team of founders has spent the last 15 years pioneering the best way to raise beef with incredible flavor, juiciness and tenderness. We’ve learned the only way to consistently do this is to use science to inform the way we manage the cattle-plant interactions. It turns out these adaptive grazing practices are a four-way win: the consumers, the ranchers, the environment and the cattle,” said Russ Conser, Chief Executive Officer at Blue Nest Beef. “We believe Blue Nest Beef has the ability to move the needle on fixing our broken food system by connecting more consumers directly to beef from ranchers who are raising cattle in a way that positively impacts the health of both people and planet.”

Rural, American ranchers receive a significant premium from Blue Nest Beef for their commitment to regenerative grazing practices that allow for plants to recover and regrow more abundantly yielding richer soil, happy cattle, cleaner water, and a healthier environment. Regenerated grasslands also support natural climate solutions to remove carbon from the air and put it back to work in healthier soil. In turn, consumers can enjoy the benefit of ultra-premium, nutrient-rich 100% grass-fed beef that not only positively impacts wildlife habitats but comes from animals who spend their entire lives on open grasslands as nature intended, never receiving added hormones or antibiotics.

“The Audubon Conservation Ranching Initiative is a win-win for farmers and ranchers as well as birds,” said Marshall Johnson, National Audubon Society Vice President for Conservation Ranching. “By restoring prairie habitats through stewardship of grazing lands, producers who meet Audubon’s stringent requirements are awarded a green ‘grazed on bird- friendly land’ seal. Our seal marks a premium product for consumers who want to know their purchases contribute to sustainable land use.”

Blue Nest Beef is launching with two box options that can be ordered monthly, bimonthly or quarterly: the Premier Flyway Beef Box with 13 lbs of mixed steaks, roasts and ground beef for $179, and the Prairie Ground Box with 10 lbs of ground beef and burgers for $99.

“We know consumers want easy access to better beef and more information about how their food purchases impact the environment. We think we can fill the gap in the current supply chain that exists between rural ranchers and mass consumers by bringing this to scale,” said Todd Churchill, Chief Marketing and Financial Officer at Blue Nest Beef. “Most people don’t live near enough to personally buy beef from a local rancher. We are making our premium beef available to all those far-from-farm-customers who care about their own health and that of the environment.”

The company is also expanding its partnerships with conservation and like-minded organizations, including a new national sponsorship with Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever to bring better beef with a bigger purpose to the broader bird-loving community.

Blue Nest Beef was founded in 2019 by four co-founders with diverse backgrounds in energy, carbon sequestration, business, technology, sustainable farming and grass-fed beef. Conser is a former Fortune 50 business and technology leader who led Shell’s GameChanger innovation program; Churchill previously founded and led one of America’s first grass-fed beef brands; Bill Godfrey serves as executive vice president of land and livestock and is owner of the first Audubon-certified ranch in Oklahoma; and Allen Williams serves as chief pasture advisor and is a nationally recognized expert on both grass-fed beef production and soil health. The company is currently raising its Series A and expects to announce secured funding in early 2020.

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About Blue Nest Beef
Blue Nest Beef delivers 100% grass-fed beef directly to consumers exclusively from bird-friendly U.S. ranches that benefits a renewable food ecosystem, bringing healthy food to consumers’ plates and life back to grassland habitats throughout the United States. It was established in 2019 by four co-founders who share in the belief that they can help fix a broken food system and reinvent animal agriculture by using cattle as their tool and birds as their guide. All Blue Nest Beef product is sourced from U.S. ranches committed to sustainable ranching practices and, like Blue Nest Beef, are certified by the National Audubon Society’s Audubon Conservation Ranching program. For more information and/or to buy your certified bird-friendly Blue Nest Beef box, visit

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